• Karen Klamczynski

D4, D5 Training Opportunities

Evans & Sutherland is offering training classes for Digistar 4 and Digistar 5 systems.

Two Digistar 5 software classes are being offered the weeks of July 11-15 and August 8-12. Each week-long class will be held in Salt Lake City. Tuition for a class is $995 per person for the week; however, tuition is waived for sites under warranty and discounted for sites with a service agreement.

E&S says the class is most appropriate for staff who are tasked with preparing shows, training others to use the system, and creating custom sequences using Digistar script language and features such as Show Builder. Previous attendees say the best way to get the most out of your Digistar system is to have at least one person on staff who has taken the full course.

Digistar 4 classes are rare since most sites have experienced staff on hand; thus, demand for classes is low. Given the infrequent opportunity for a full D4 software class, any interested Digistar 4 sites should contact E&S to express interest in a class now. This class may be offered online.

To express interested in these classes, e-mail E&S Education & Training Specialist Karen Klamczynski (karenk@es.com).

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