• Karen Klamczynski

Flashback Friday: Voyager Model Added to DUG Library

I thought it would be fun to look again at a model added to the DUG Library 25 years ago! The Voyager model was initially shared with Digistar users in 1991. The model format was .vdl, a format useful in first-generation Digistar systems. There are also parts of Voyager spacecraft included as individual models in the DUG Library.

After Digistar II came out, the "DI" models in the DUG Library were updated to work with DII. At that time, the Voyager model and parts were converted to .vla files (D2/1991/Voyager/). These can be used in Digistar today! What would you use this wire frame "line" model for?

Voyager.vla model on blue background with label

I've often thought that D3 or newer systems could show dynamic "blueprint" scenes.

How cool would it be to start with what looks to be a static blueprint then bring it to "life" by making it move and rotate? Then, cross fade the wire frame model to the rendered Voyager.x model, take away the blue background and find yourself in space flying with the spacecraft!

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