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Call for Demos for DUG 2016

It's the most wonderful time of the year! That's right--DUG DEMO TIME!

It's time for you to gather up some of your favorite work and ideas and share a demonstration with your peers at the Digistar Users Group 2016 conference.

Everyone is encouraged to submit a demo. We love to watch demos at DUG! Everyone has a point of view, and everyone benefits when we share our ideas and unique perspectives on using Digistar in our domes. Demos can be real-time, fulldome, or a combination.

After you submit a demo, you will be contacted. We'll want to know if you will be at the conference to present your demo, or if you need someone to present it for you. We also need to know the amount of time needed to present the demo; that is, we need to know the total time to explain what you're showing plus the run time. We will also coordinate a time for you to test your demo on site (if you are attending) prior to its scheduled demonstration at the conference.

Remember the best part of the conference is demos, so let's see how you are using Digistar!

Digistar 5 Users - Sharing your demo couldn't be easier!

  1. Share your demo via the Digistar Cloud

  2. Email the DUG Librarian that you've uploaded a demo to share at the conference! (librarian@es.com)

Other Digistar Users - It's still pretty easy!

  1. Demo location:

  2. Digistar 4 Users: your demo should be in a folder within $content\users\DUG\DUG2016\

  3. Digistar 3 Users: your demo should be in a folder within s:\user\DUG2016\ We will convert your demo to D5, so upload well in advance of the conference.

  4. Digistar II Users: To show your demo at DUG, we will need to manually convert your demo to D5, so contact the Librarian well in advance of the conference.

  5. Zip up that working demo into one file!

  6. Make a .DUG file (plain text describing demo, length of demo, who made it, etc.)

  7. Two choices:

  8. Upload to the FTP DUG Library /submit/DUG2016/ folder. (Make a subfolder for your site and put your two files in it.)

  9. Use the Conference 2016 website to upload your demo to the Host

  10. Email the DUG Librarian that you've uploaded a demo! (librarian@es.com)

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