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Position Open at Arsenal Technical High School

UPDATE: The following was posted to Dome-L on 8/30/2016: "Link Observatory Space Science Institute is growing. We have an opportunity in Indianapolis with a Digistar 5, 75-seat planetarium. We are a NASA education partner and are developing and implementing next generation educational technologies and programs. We are searching for a Planetarium Manager that can implement the next generation of planetarium programming. If you are interested in exploring the possibilities with a cutting edge entrepreneurial organization, please forward your resume and salary requirements to kwilliams@linkobservatory.org"

Original Post from 8/24/2016 follows:

Veteran teacher and planetarium director Gail Schwoebel retired at the beginning of summer, and Arsenal Technical High School in Indianapolis, Indiana--a Digistar 5 SP2 HD facility--is in need of a planetarian with experience.

Parent organization Indianapolis Public Schools (yes, they are known locally as "IPS") is working with Link Observatory Space Science Institute to establish a partnership for ongoing management and operation of the planetarium. Previously, Arsenal's planetarium director was also a science teacher with concurrent teaching duties (multiple classes) during the school year. Teaching duties will no longer be a required component for planetarium employees.

A formal job description is not available at this time as the partnership is not finalized; however, the plan is for fifth graders from the district to start visiting the planetarium this November. Second graders may be added in Spring 2017. By the 2017-2018 school year, a full component of programs is expected to be in place.

Anyone interested in learning more about this opportunity may contact Kurt Williams, Deputy Director and COO of the Link Observatory Space Science Institute. Kurt's email is kwilliams@linkobservatory.org and phone number is 317-697-9377. Kurt indicated a willingness to send a person to Evans & Sutherland for Digistar 5 Software Training this October.

[Editor's note: in my opinion, due to the time frame, a person capable of establishing and presenting the needed school shows, who also has a background in any Digistar platform, would likely have an advantage for employment consideration. It sounds like there is a lot of opportunity for outreach program development here. Kurt was easy to talk to, so give him a call if you want to know more.]


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