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Get Ready for Houston DUG Activities

Carolyn Sumners shares this message about the exciting activities she has arranged for the Digistar Users Group conference:

We are very excited about your visit to Houston. Like the Kiel-Hamburg DUG conference, this is a two city event with our providing the transportation from Houston to Arlington.

On Monday afternoon and evening we will feature a dome festival in our new True 8K theater. We already have Dark Universe and Solar Superstorms loaded, plus we have added Ryan Wyatt’s new Incoming!, SkySkan’s Asteroid, We Are Stars from NSC, Gravity from Reef, Edge of Darkness from E&S, and a collage from Robin Sip. It should be an exciting evening and I promise that these shows will look as good as they possibly can.

On Tuesday we spend the day at the Johnson Space Center (getting behind the scenes with the Space Station Simulator, Orion, and lots of robotics), visiting Space Center Houston for its exhibits, and then spending the afternoon at the Lunar and Planetary Institute with special lectures just for us.

On Tuesday evening you will have a picnic dinner with the Astronaut Walt Cunningham and his wife before seeing what D6 can do on the dome.

On Wednesday morning we will try our hand at Dome Casting with the Johnson Space Center, seeing our best live programs (selected by our school district), the crazy things we are doing with a joystick, and the new D5/D6 and Digistar Lite Mirror Dome in a 7M dome — giving us all a chance to see how it all works at the same time.

Lunch in the area is followed by a 2:15 departure by express bus (leather seats, USB plug, wifi, and restroom) with arrival in Dallas at 6:25 for the evening events in Arlington.

EVERYTHING IS COVERED BY YOUR $125 except for Hotel (Residence Inn suggested), and meals at JSC and Monday night.

I need to make final arrangements, so please let me know when you are arriving in Houston and if you are bringing a guest.

You are encouraged to visit all of our Museum exhibits (We’re a huge Museum) on Monday afternoon.

Looking forward to seeing you in Space City soon!

Carolyn Sumners, Ed.D.

Vice President for Astronomy and the Physical Sciences

Houston Museum of Natural Science

Sounds like an excellent beginning to the DUG Conference!

Johnson Space Center Mission Control


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