• Karen Klamczynski

Astronomy Day Planet Activity

A picture accompanying an article in the Aiken Standard got me thinking about a planet activity for outdoor astronomy events.

I don't know how these model planets are attached to the support, but what if they were easily moved? If there were hooks that kids could reach, this could be a challenge game for kids:

1. Arrange the planets in order from the Sun

2. Arrange the planets in alphabetical order

3. Arrange the planets in order from smallest to largest

If there are older kids or adults with smartphones, give them a challenge that requires some research, such as arrange the planets based on percentage CO2 in the atmosphere, or daytime surface temperature. Be sure to have the solution in your pocket so you can recognize correct solutions and help out anyone who needs a little help!

By cycling through the challenges, the "game" is always ready to go for the next kids.

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