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Dragon Adventures 2018

Here be record of the DUG dragons!

Thanks to Javier Minchaca, who brought Doug the DUG Dragon from Mexico, Doug attended DUG in Salt Lake City. At the conclusion of the door prizes, we learned that he will be spending the next year with Carolyn Collins Peterson of Loch Ness Productions, headquartered in Nederland, Colorado. Here is Mike George presenting Carolyn with the dragon:

Meanwhile, D2 the DUG Dragon arrived via international mail at E&S just after the end of the conference. He's been hanging out with me for a few days as I verified the address of his next destination. Soon, I will be sending him to Brad Hughes of the Chaffey College Planetarium in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

We also have a missing dragon. Please be on the lookout for DeeDee the DUG Dragon. She is Doug's fraternal twin. She has four heads and sports a pearl necklace because she's very classy. She may be returned--no questions asked--to the birthplace of Digistar. (Please send her to E&S and to the attention or Karen Klamczynski or Kevin Scott.) Let's find DeeDee!

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