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Travels of Doug the DUG Dragon

Hi fellow DUG Minions! ! It is I, Doug the Dragon. As you can see, I'm checking in during my year-long tour with the Nessies. So far, they have treated me well and promised me many glorious adventures in the next year!

Dragon on car dashboard in Salt Lake City

My travels began with a last look at Salt Lake City as we pulled out of the hotel parking lot after a satisfying DUG meeting! The Nessies have told me of the proud exploits of their own Digistar system and I look forward to seeing it in action! As the mighty Dug Dragon, I expect good things from them, to uphold the Digi Cause!

Dragon on car dashboard by mountains

After we left Salt Lake, the Nessies drove to Grand Junction, Colorado, where we stopped for a short lunch at a place called Subway and a stop at the majestic Bucks of the Stars (for a drink they call "coffee"). During that stop, they took me out for a bit of fresh air.

Dragon meeting Jadzia Katt

At last we arrived at their lair in the Rocky Mountains, where I met another new family member. Her name is Jadzia Katt and she was very interested in me. She looks not at all like a dragon, but her color is acceptable to me and her demeanor is much like my own sometimes. Luckily, she doesn't like the taste of dragon!

Until next time, hold our Digi standards high and keep looking up!

Doug, the Dragon.

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