• Karen Klamczynski

Apollo 50th Anniversary Open Forum

If you are a member of the NASA Museum Alliance, you can give your input and participate in an upcoming open forum telecon for members to discuss topics, exchange ieas, and share questions about the 50th anniversaries. Jeff Nee, NASA JPL Informal Education Specialist, says "Get your voice heard, and let us know what will help you the most."

Here's a link to the feedback site.

You will need to log in to get to the feedback form. If you are not a member of the Museum Alliance, check this link for information about it and how to apply for a free membership. From their home page: "NASA's Museum Alliance is a key gateway to NASA resources for STEAM educators, staff, and leadership at informal education organizations."

There is already a lot of information available via the Museum Alliance related to the Apollo anniversaries at this link.

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