• Karen Klamczynski

Acoustic Atlas

The Acoustic Atlas curated by Montana State University Library has "more than 2500 recordings of species and environments from throughout the Western United States."

Picture of beaver in water and message "take an audio tour of Yellowstone National Park collection"

I found that within this collection are 138 public domain recordings and another 957 with a Creative Commons use license. They are fun to explore and listen, and perhaps you will find a use for them in your shows. Some are brief, but some recordings stretch for several minutes.

For example, follow this link to hear a one minute flyby of Canada geese.

Here's 36 seconds of a wood stove.

And here's nearly three and half minutes of September sounds at Yellowstone Lake.

To search by license for the recordings I mention above, go to this advanced search link, then set "license type" to either "public domain" or "creative commons".


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