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Christophe Bertier joins E&S team

Kirk Johnson, President of Evans & Sutherland, shares the following announcement with Digistar Users Group:

We are pleased to announce that Christophe Bertier has joined Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation (E&S) as Sales Manager. Christophe will reinforce the international sales team with a primary focus in Europe, but he will also bring his expertise to other regions of the globe. He will be based in Hamburg, Germany.

With 20 years of experience in the industry as a software developer, R&D manager, and international sales manager, Christophe has a deep knowledge of digital planetarium software, hardware, and project implementation. Along with his know-how, he brings to E&S his interpersonal skills and his energy to develop additional opportunities.

Christophe will be working closely with Skypoint Srl, E&S’s representative in Europe, to increase sales and better serve customers in Europe. It is a real pleasure to have Christophe join the E&S team, and we look forward to having him interface with the planetarium community during conferences and events in 2019.

Christophe said, “I am delighted to join the talented E&S sales and technical teams. E&S is a great company who has developed the best planetarium solution, and passionately served its customers’ needs for decades. Digistar 6 is the most amazing planetarium software I’ve seen, and I’m honored to share its capabilities with a growing worldwide community of Digistar sites. I totally embrace the E&S philosophy to better serve customers with better products, and the support to enable them to do more with their planetariums.”

You can contact Christophe directly at:

+49 152 021 82 844



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