• Karen Klamczynski

Apply for a DUG Scholarship by July 1

Have you considered applying for a DUG scholarship to offset expenses while attending the conference this September in Dayton, Ohio? The deadline for 2019 applications is July 1.

Are you Eligible?

 An applicant must be employed currently at a planetarium that has a Digistar system.

 The applicant organization must have been a member of DUG for at least three years and unable to send staff to the DUG conference without financial assistance.

 The application should come directly from the individual who desires the scholarship. A letter from the applicant’s supervisor or from the applicant if they have no supervisor detailing the financial need should be included or sent separately.

 Priority will be given to first-time applicants.

 Successful applicants will receive a waiver of conference registration for the annual conference held in the year the application is made plus reimbursement up to $1000 for defraying transportation, to and from the host city, and accommodation conference costs.

 Funds cannot be used to support vendor expenses, including registration.

 Members of the Executive Committee are ineligible for the scholarship.

Find more information: http://www.digistardomes.org/DUG_Scholarship_Info.pdf

Link to application: http://www.digistardomes.org/DUG_Scholarship_Form_2019.pdf

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