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We Share the Same Moon Resources

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Cassandra Wye, International Storyteller, and Dr. Megan Argo, Astrophysicist, have received funding from Arts Council England and International Astronomical Union to research and develop a cross-curricular approach to teaching science; this is based on 176 communities and cultures living in the UK.

We Share the Same Moon offers:

  • Over 30 folktales from Europe, Asia, Africa and America - in an easy to read or tell format

  • A range of tales for use with children from 3 years old, young people and adults

  • Ten audio stories to provide a resource for visually impaired students

  • Two filmed stories with British Sign Language interpretation for deaf students

  • Filmed with subtitles for children for whom English is an Additional Language

  • Science workshops linked to UK Early Years and Primary Science Curriculum

Check out the We Share the Same Moon project site and free downloads! Please be part of their evaluation by scrolling down on their main page to find the survey form.

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