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President's Message for DUG 2019

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Dear Digistar Users Group members,

The 2019 conference is days away in Dayton, Ohio. The Boonshoft Museum in Dayton, Ohio has a decades-long tradition of contributing to the Digistar Users Group. As an employee of the Boonshoft Museum, I can say that my host institution is honored to be hosting this year's conference.

In preparation for this conference, I have spoken with several people who will be attending for the first time. Those of you attending your first DUG conference will find DUG 2019 to be a very illuminating experience.

Part of the charm of the DUG conference are the demo submissions. Experts in the field are joined by first time attendees and given the same amount of respect. As a result, every person in attendance will come away with new ideas, new approaches, and, of course, new content created by their peers.

The annual conference is one method of coming together to trade ideas and content, thereby advancing our field and enhancing the experience of visitors to our respective institutions. For those of you who cannot make it to this year's conference, please continue to share ideas and content with other users. It is a common experience of DUG contributors to find out that an item or idea they created is being used elsewhere on the planet. Every contribution has value to someone else.

Thank you for being part of the Digistar users Group.

Best regards,

Jason Heaton

DUG President

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