• Karen Klamczynski

DUG Continues in Dayton

DUG 2019 continues on Friday, starting in the planetarium dome:

  • DUG Demos Session 3 - D6 demos

  • "Alexa, show constellations" by Waylon Troyer

  • Astronomy - A Year in Review by Justin Bartel

After lunch, everyone is looking forward to the these events:

  • Sloth Encounter! featuring Boonshoft's sloth, Patience

  • What's New in Digistar 6 presented by E&S software engineers Ben Buckwalter, Melinda Orms, Jacob Galloway, and John-Paul Ownby

  • Mesmerica Presentation

  • User Demos Session 4 - D6 demos and voting!

The DUG closing reception, including presentation of the Jim Hashimoto Award, will occur at the Crowne Plaza, the official hotel for the DUG conference.

On Saturday, presentations include the following:

  • Astronomy in Chile - Educator Ambassadors Program by Amy Barraclough

  • User Presentations from DUG Scholarship Applicants, including Steven Bradley and Nico Kuhn

  • DUG Awards Presentations

As the meeting wraps up, the group will travel to the National Museum of the U. S. Air Force to tour the largest collection of military aircraft in the world. Beginning with the pioneering aircraft of Dayton's own Wright Brothers, delegates will enjoy viewing a progression of aviation history all the way to the space age!


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